Hi there. I’m Phil Martini, drummer, based in London. My musical journey has allowed me to perform and record with an accomplished collection of artists and engineers. I’ve endeavored to build up a reputation of solid, articulate, and musical drumming, both in the studio and the live arena.  ↓ ↓ ↓

Phil Martini, Wayward Sons, Spear Of Destiny, Joe Elliott's Down N Outz, Toby Jepson, Vale Studios, Studio Drummer, Live Drummer, Paiste Cymbals, Mapex Orion Drums, Vic Firth 3A Drumsticks, Aquarian Response 2 Drumheads, Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum, Rock N Roll, Groove Drummer, Solid Drummer,

photo:Tony Mottram. Vale Studios

Current projects :
Wayward Sons ~ feat’ Toby Jepson. Debut LP ~ Ghosts Of Yet To Come out NOW! Listen
Spear Of Destiny ~ Kirk Brandon’s classic band. New LP ~ Tontine out NOW! Listen
Joe Elliott’s Down N Outz ~ with Def Leppard’s lead singer. Live DVD/2CD ~ The Further Live Adventures Of… out NOW! Listen New LP due Autumn 2019…

Recent projects :
Sirens Of Titan ~ 2nd LP due for release Autumn 2019…
Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind ~ Debut LP ~ Super Natural out NOW!

Studio work :
Joe Elliott’s Down N Outz, Wayward Sons, Spear Of Destiny, Tokyo Dragons, Quireboys, Pavement, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, The Union, Pete Shoulder, Alluri, Sirens Of Titan + numerous sessions

Live work :
Joe Elliott’s Down N Outz, Wayward Sons, Ian Hunter, Spear Of Destiny, Quireboys, Tokyo Dragons, The Union, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, Jim Cregan & Co, Peter Shoulder, Alluri, Claytown Troupe, Daniel Jeanrenaud, The Priscillas, Heavy Metal Kids, Black Casino & The Ghost + session work

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