• Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind EP Aldecide ~ Space Eko, 2016 (Raygun)
  • Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind  EP  Boil Yer Blood ~ Space Eko, 2015 (Raygun)
  • Pete Shoulder Debut LP Feathers & Rain ~ Red Kite Studios 2013
  • Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N’ Outz 2nd LP The Further Adventures Of.. ~ Premises Studios & Joe’s Garage Studios, 2013 (Mailboat Records)
  • The Union 2nd LP Siren’s Song ~ Rockfield Studios 2011 (Payola Records)
  • The Union Debut LP The Union ~ Leeders Farm Studios 2010 (Payola Records)
  • Joe Elliott’s Down ‘N’ Outz Debut LP My Re-Generation ~ Moor Hall/Joe’s Garage Studios, 2010 (Mailboat Records)
  • The Quireboys LP Halfpenny Dancer ~ Moor Hall Studios 2009 (Jerkin Crocus)
  • Tokyo Dragons 2nd LP Hot Nuts ~ Litho Studios, Seattle WA 2006 (Escapi Records)
  • Tokyo Dragons EP Come On Baby ~ Rockfield Studios 2004 (Escapi Records)
  • Tokyo Dragons Debut LP Give Me The Fear ~ Rockfield Studios 2004 (Universal/Island)
  • Tokyo Dragons Singles Teenage Screamers & What The Hell ~ Fallout Shelter, Rockfield Studios 2004 (Universal/Island)
  • Pavement LP track Major Leagues ~ RAK Studios, London. 1999 (Domino Recordings)
  • Bowlfish Various Singles and an LP The Biscuit Alt-rock band 1991-1995 (Roughneck Records, and Domino Recordings)


    • Abbey Road, St. John’s Wood
    • Rockfield, Monmouth
    • Olympic, Barnes
    • Townhouse, Shepherd’s Bush
    • RAK, St. John’s Wood
    • Wessex, Islington
    • Monnow Valley, Monmouth
    • Vale Studios, Worcs
    • Litho, Seattle WA
    • Fallout Shelter, Chiswick
  • Blackwing, Southwark
  • Leeders Farm, Wymondham
  • Red Kite, Carmarthanshire
  • Avast, Seattle WA
  • The Premises, Hackney, London
  • Oxygene Studios, Manchester

One thought on “Discography

  1. I am becoming a fan of Down N Outz and enjoy seeing you in the videos. I look forward to new videos and albums to be released. I hope that Down N Outz will tour the U.S.

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