Producer/Engineer/Mixer Wayward Sons albumChris D’Adda :

“I recently completed an album project with Phil and found him to be an absolute pleasure to work with. His timing is rock solid and his playing is consistent, fresh and inventive. He has a great musical ear which is not confined to just drums and despite long studio days he remained enthusiastic and positive at all times. Phil is a great player and an all round excellent fella who I very much hope to work with again”.

Producer/Mixer/Engineer Ger McDonnell :

 “It was as I started mixing a ‘Joe Elliott/Down ‘N’ Outz: Further Live Adventures Of’ concert for DVD release, that I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Phil’s drumming up close in all it’s ‘oomphy’ glory. His fantastic, beautifully consistent drumming needed absolutely zero fixes. In the few seconds it took to open up the drum mics for the initial balance, I realised I was in for an easy job – super solid playing on a superbly tuned kit. The drums looked after themselves throughout the whole mix. Thank you Phil”

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott :

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Phil on 2 records now & played numerous live shows with him & I can state without a shadow of a doubt that he is one of THE best drummers you could ever hope to play with. His work on the Down ’N’ Outz albums is outstanding & I couldn’t have wished for any more than he delivered !! Subtle when necessary, as hard hitting as anyone could possibly want, he has it all for the kind of music we make !! & not a bad backing vocalist either !!!! … Top man Phil !!!”

Mix Engineer Keith More :

“I mixed a single featuring Phil in December 2012. His performance was superb, his timing and hits were consistent, and his drum choice, tuning and cymbal selection were spot on, as was the recording. A recording/mixing engineers dream! If you want to check it out, it’s the first track on my website showreel.Hire this man.” “Oh…and he’s a top chap too!!!”

Producer/Engineer/Songwriter Nick Brine :

 “I have worked with Phil on a number of projects over the past few years. I always get the results I need. I know he can adapt to whichever artist I am working with and come up with something sympathetic to that artist. I’m able to throw ideas at Phil and he just plays it straight away.
Great player and always great to have around on the session.”

Session Guitarist Tim Stephens :

“Phil Martini is one of the best drummers that I have ever had the pleasure in working with. His skill and technique is perfect and his ear and overall tone when playing the drums is first class. Phil is one of the nicest guys around and I look forward to working with him again soon!”

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