Wayward Sons @ Ramblin’ Man Fair Mainstage & Living Colour UK Tour

For Tickets and info please visit Wayward Sons website

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Wayward Sons @ Ramblin’ Man Fair 2019

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Wayward Sons, Living Colour, UK Tour, July 2019


Spear Of Destiny imminent UK shows. New LP TONTINE out NOW!

Spear Of Destiny shows days away. Second part of ‘TONTINE’ LP Tour . ‘Second Life Tour’ includes further Scottish dates. Tickets available at Kirk Brandon website

Spear Of Destiny. Second Life Tour 2018. New LP 'Tontine' out now. Kirk Brandon, Phil Martini, Craig Adams, Adrian Portas, Steve Allan Jones, Tontine CD Gold Vinyl. Westworld. 35th anniversary. Live shows. Live gigs. Phil Martin Live Drummer. Studio Drummer. Mapex Orion Drums. Paiste 2002 Cymbals. Vic Firth 3A Drum Sticks. Aquarian Response 2 Drum-heads. Ludwig Black Beauty Snare drum. Grapes Of Wrath 1983. i

Spear Of Destiny. Second Life Tour 2018. New LP ‘Tontine’ out now.