Wayward Sons receive further support from PlanetRockRadio ~ playlisting ‘Alive’

More marvelous news, music and viauals at Wayward Sons website

Wayward Sons, Alive, Planet Rock Radio, Joe Elliott, Wyatt Wendels, Toby Jepson, Phil Martini, Sam Wood, Nic Wastell, Dave Kemp, X-Ray Touring, Frontiers Music, Live Nation, Paiste 2002 Cymbals, Vic Firth 3A Drumsticks, Mapex Orion Drum kit, Aquarian Response 2 Drumheads, Debut Headline UK Tour, Ghosts Of Yet To Come Tour, Vinyl & CD Album, I Don't Wanna Go EP, British Rock N Roll, Down N Outz, Def Leppard, Studio Drummer, Live Drummer, 2018

Wayward Sons on the Radio. 4th consecutive song to be aired by PlanetRockRadio.

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